Let’s talk T.U.S.H.


When was the last time you got some travel in using the TUSH method? If you think I am talking about anatomy, sorry to disappoint you. T.U.S.H. stands for “Travel Until Something Happens,” which it always does — guaranteed.

TUSH traveling is similar to traveling on a shoestring, or having flexible dates, and there are many reasons to try this at least once in your life time. It’s forced adventure — living on the edge — that this type of travel offers and there are many ways to go about doing this. Some decide they’re going to go on a road trip a week (or days) before they leave. Others who want a global adventure might choose a one-way last minute flight out of the country.

But what if you don’t want to commit to a one way plane ticket or feel uncomfortable just hopping in a car and going? There are many avenues in which someone can be introduced to the concept of TUSH traveling and there are many sites and organizations that can help you do it. This way, your trip is still planned, but still be spontaneous at the same time.

Groupon is just one of those organizations that can help you get your TUSH on, but it’s one of my favorites — not only because my son, Aaron, works there, but it is a plus. Groupon works by pairing users with qualified travel agencies that work 24/7 monitoring flights, hotels and excursions on your behalf. Want to eat, pray and love in India? Groupon can help.

Groupon offers adult-only “white-sand beach bum lovers” trips to Punta Cana and other locations at as much as 50 percent off regular rates. I just spotted a five day $191 per night all-inclusive trip with dates into April. I have six hours to book the deal, and it is not refundable, but the site is loaded with FAQ’s to help answer questions and the trip has good reviews. Of course, I recommend you read all of the fine print in the information and make sure you ask about any additional resort or excursion fees.

Besides the big discounts, Groupon prides itself in customer satisfaction. The company researches all travel companies and discontinues relationships with those who do not meet their standards. Groupon employs more than 10,000 experts worldwide and is home to 2,100 employees at their Chicago headquarters, many of whom are from Michigan State University and other mid-west universities. They are young and smart — they work for a company that understands travel and fun go hand-in-hand.

Now, if you are thinking I am writing this because of some travel deal I am receiving, think again. Groupon keeps my son so busy, he did not have enough time to even be interviewed for this article.

Here’s how the phone call went:

Me: Do you have time for a quick interview regarding getaways?
Him: Send the questions to me via email. No promises I can get to them today.
Me: K…one question: What is the best thing about working at Groupon?
Him: Copy and paste so I can type out my responses.
Me: Dear Lord!
Him: Do you want quality responses or what?

Although I was tempted to remind him of the last-minute homework assignments I “assisted” with, or the black pants we had to have the night before his new job, I bit my tongue. I reminded myself that he was working and I should be happy. I was actually proud of his answer, because I knew at that moment Groupon had hired the right man, and I had raised a great son.


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