Queen of the Road


Lisa with her daughter Sarah (24) and son Daniel (22) on top of the Rocky Mountains just last February/ Photo provided

I love my job, but the greatest day for me is always a travel day, and it looks like I’m not alone. More than 3.2 billion out-of-state visitors traveled to Michigan last year, and analysts predict out-of-state travel is now on the rise as “Michiganders” plan to get out and hit the open road too. The travel bug hit me at an early age. I grew up as an Army Brat, moving on average every two to three years. I lived in Japan as a child, San Francisco during middle school — where it still feels like home — and finished high school in Stuttgart, Germany. I remember Japanese marbles and pearls, pot growing in the flower boxes of Sausalito and the taste of my first German beer. Also burned into my memory there remains the smell of a concentration camp, the sheer magnificence of the statue of David when you are standing under it and how to ski the Alps, or do anything, without fear. If you said I am a cross between a “hippie, cowboy and a jock” you would be right. I am a collage of the many faces and places I’ve been, a drifter and seeker of all things interesting, different and unimagined. When I was 16, I traveled through Europe by train with an “old school” backpack, which was so heavy it left blisters on my shoulders. We lived on $10 a day and stayed in youth hostels, turning strangers into friends along the way. I may be older, but inside remains that child, who eagerly anticipates each travel surprise. I know many of you feel the same way, too. “Queen of the Road” will take you places you’ve never been before, to discover something about the world and the you, you never knew. I can’t wait for the adventure!

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