What’s love got to do with it?


You can learn a lot about love by watching ants. Now, before you lose interest in this topic, let me tell you why ants have a leg up on humans in the love department. Ants are incredibly loyal; an ant is tireless in its quest to protect its colony and its queen. An ant never argues and it never quits — unless the beloved queen dies. In many colonies, if “Her Majesty” kicks the bucket, the colony simply disappears.

Think about that scientific fact the next time your significant other forgets your birthday or your daughter talks back to you. Does he know how important you are to the colony? Does she realize who you really are?

Do they not see your diamond crown? If not, you must tell them about ants immediately.

Start by letting your children know ants have been around for 99 million years whereas humans have mustered only six million years so far. And, you want to make sure your out-of-touch loved ones understand that ants communicate through highly evolved, olfactory organs. They smell and exchange chemicals with each other to recognize if they are part of the same colony — no backward-thinking, old school social media for them! Ants already know whether to friend request you or not, depending on your smell.

If you pass the smell test of trust, you are in the colony and guaranteed a lifetime of love as a result of those great pheromones. Quite frankly, you can’t get a similar guarantee from your friends or even some people in your family. Your dog may in fact love you for life — why, just look at the way he wags his tail and jumps in anticipation of you, the favorite human. Unfortunately, most humans are not so clear-eyed in the love department.

Unlike ants, we humans feel pain. And by lacking the selflessness of the average lovable pup, our overactive egos doom humans to hurt each other. What would happen to us if we focused less on New Year’s resolutions regarding our appearance and weight and more on how we can support each other in our communities? How might the world change if we stopped using Facebook and Instagram to meet others and physically got to know someone new? After all, people must know each other to love one other.

Would our lives be easier if we just stopped being offended — if we, like ants, moved along when someone did not meet our expectations? Judgement is easy. Understanding? Well, that’s a higher achievement.

The next time someone offends you, doesn’t meet your smell test or is from a foreign origin, I encourage you to respect their existence and get back to your own ant-like persistence to improve the world; this does not mean you can sit on the couch. Ants never quit making their own lives better. How do you think there got to be 12,000 species of ants on the planet?

Our ant talk doesn’t discredit your royalty, by the way, because you are always the queen! But as the queen, your responsibility is to govern all throughout the land — with as much love as your crown will muster.


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