Receiving Gifts as a Love Language


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Gifts are visual symbols of love, and for some their worth will have little to do with the monetary value. If receiving gifts is the primary love language, the relationship will be judged on whether or not gifts have been received and the thoughtfulness behind each gift. The cost of the gift will most likely matter very little unless it is repeatedly out of line with what the giver can afford. Keep in mind that gifts may be purchased, found or made. Regardless of how the gift originates, the thought behind the gift is what will matter to the partner whose love language is receiving gifts.

It is important to keep in mind that the receiving gifts love language is not simply about receiving. This mentality is what tends to give this love language a bad reputation, as it may appear materialistic. Keep in mind that this love language also applies to giving gifts. A person who enjoys receiving gifts will also enjoy the purchasing and anticipating of giving a gift to someone else. They will take the time to examine what will make the receiver’s heart soar and will find joy in knowing their appreciation.

In order to best prepare for this expression of love, you will need to be prepared and observant over time. Begin by making a list of gifts for which your partner has expressed excitement over the years. This will give you an idea of the types of gifts your partner enjoys receiving. Over time keep an ear out for items your partner may drop hints about so you can keep a running list.  When it comes time for gift-giving you will have a ready-made list of items ready to go. Holidays and birthdays will become easier, but do not shy away from giving a gift just because. Often enough, you will find those gifts will have the most appreciation and the best return.

If you are not the type of person who values gifts, but your partner is, get ready to be flexible in order to make your partner happy. Love languages are often inherited and learned from a family of origin values. This becomes something that is engrained in your partner over time and is not the type of thing that will change simply because you present what you believe to be a good argument. As you accept your partner for who they are for the betterment of your relationship, be sure to accept their love language, as well. Instead of stressing over spending money or what it means to give and receive gifts, think of this as an investment in your relationship. Meeting your partner’s emotional needs by fulfilling their love language will allow your relationship to thrive

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