Oh Oh So Awesome Oreo Cookie Delight


From the kitchen of: Dawn Pike, of Lansing

Preparation time: 20 minutes Number of servings: 12-24 Ingredients 1 large pkg Oreo Cookies, crushed fine 2 small boxes French vanilla instant pudding 3 cups milk 1 stick butter 8 oz cream cheese 1 cup powdered sugar 1 medium sized container of Cool Whip Directions 1. Put crumbs in 9×13 baking dish (save a few morsels for the top!) 2. Melt 1 stick of butter & pour over crumbs 3. Bake 15 mins at 350 4. Let cool 5. Mix pudding and milk 6. Soften cream cheese 7. Add 1 cup powdered sugar to cream cheese (mix well) 8. Add cream cheese and sugar to Cool Whip (mix) 9. Add this to pudding (mix) 10. Spread over bottom layer & sprinkle with crumbs 11. Cool and eat, yum

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