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It’s easy, in February, to become hyper-focused on love or our perceived lack of it. Television ads press our noses against the frosty windows of excited couples who gush over diamond rings that, in truth, might be the most solid thing those couples have in common.

If there’s no one in our lives from whom we are likely to receive such a gift, we might feel somehow “less than.” What if we look at love in broader terms and not through the goggles shoved over our eyes by those with more commercial interests? Love can be defined in many different ways, the romantic love we have for our significant other is different than the love we have for our mother or friends.

Do you love that dog curled up by your bed or the cat who flops on your keyboard as you begin to type? Do you love your friends? Do you love your home or even just that corner of it with the plants you pride yourself on not having killed yet? Do you love your job? Or if not your job, do you love – and I mean truly appreciate – the things it provides? 

It seems to me that love is more than romance and jewelry even in February; that love is whatever keeps our souls a little warmer. Love could be a passion for a higher power, devotion to your kids or commitment to your work, paid or volunteer, and that maybe love is the art you make on your day off.

You might have read this quote or some similar iteration, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

No one ever said it had to be love for the person who brings you diamonds. It could be love for all the other things that propel you forward every day, and love of self, I hope, is one of them.

Happy February, everybody

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