Restaurant Review: Crunchy’s


“The best burger in town” is quite a claim. My dear hubby’s craving for a great burger led us to Crunchy’s to see if they realyl do have the best in town.


Crunchy’s motto is “Serving Beers for 25 Years,” but they have a large and varied menu in addition to the 25 taps pouring various beers and microbrews. Salads, stone baked pizzas and subs, and “South of the Border” options are available.


There is not only a page of Starters, Crunchy’s also offers a page of Munchys and a list of Buckets. The Starters include all sorts of fried delights, plus Artichoke Dip, Hummus with Toasted Pita and a Veggie Platter. Munchys are sharing-sized Buckets O’ everything from fries to pretzels to pizza or sweet “Nugs.” Then there are Buckets of eight Mini Burgers, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Sloppy Joes or Buffalo Chicken. Although we did not order appetizers this time, Crunchy’s is a great place to graze through the appetizer menus and drink a cold beer.


There were two specials the night we visited: The half-pound Crunchy Cheeseburger with fries and a pop for $5, and the Chicken Sandwich with fries and a pop, also $5. My hubby was here for the burger, and ordered it medium rare with everything. It was hot, juicy and topped with lettuce and tomato. He thought it was more on the medium than rare side, but attributed that to the kitchen being really busy. Was it the “best in town”? The jury is still out on that, and it will probably take a few more burgers to decide.


No dessert! I had to look over the menu twice to be sure, but I did not find dessert on the menu at Crunchy’s.


There were three servers looking after our table. They were prompt, friendly and shared their opinion on menu choices. Apparently, it was a much busier night than anticipated and the kitchen was behind, so it took a long time to get our food. When the chicken sandwich I ordered was temporarily sold out, I had no problem finding a substitute. I was very surprised when the server said they were sorry the chicken was not available and would not charge me for my dinner. I have never had a restaurant offer to cover my dinner just because they were out of my first choice! And no, they did not know they were being reviewed; reviews are  always anonymous.


The booths’ 27 years worth of carving and writing, the MSU sports décor, the beer theme — Crunchy’s is a classic college town bar. However, the night we visited, there were more families and non-students there to watch MSU basketball on the numerous televisions than there were students. This is truly a laid back, casual place.


Crunchy’s has student-friendly prices and specials every day of the week. The sandwiches start at $3.25, and most of the menu items are in the $5 to $7 range.

Hot tip

Check out Crunchy’s Web site for specials like Brewer’s Night, where you can meet the folks who brew your beer, every other Wednesday.

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Jane Bitsicas

Jane Bitsicas is a recreational eater who works as a Doncaster Fashion Consultant and part-time bureaucrat with the State of Michigan. You may e-mail her if you would like to suggest a restaurant for future review.

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