Customer service stand-outs


Have you ever wondered why some businesses come and go, yet others remain in business for years? In my humble opinion, it’s because of great customer service.

When I moved here to marry Jeff, I not only married him, but three remarkable children. More importantly, I now have two of the cutest grandkids on the face of the earth. Yep, I went there — down the crazy grandparent hole. I never understood it before my stepdaughter gave birth, but now I gaze lovingly at the latest pictures she sends, similar to how I once used to look at George Clooney’s image. The best part: shopping never ends for growing kids!

Jeff and I were thrilled when told it was time to purchase the first bicycle for our granddaughter. Over we went, to pick her up and then off to Denny’s Central Park Bikes in Okemos, Mich. to find the pink and purple bike of her dreams. The staff there couldn’t have been nicer and more helpful. They sell and service bikes for “big-time” bicyclists, but they also had a nice range of options for the tikes and casual cyclists. They helped by adjusting all the parts, adding the basket that of course she saw and insisted she needed, and encouraged us to come back for any adjustments needed as she grows over the next year. This visit to Denny’s took me back to the days when my folks would take my siblings and I to the shop’s Grand River location to purchase bikes. Frankly, I’m not sure if there has been a change in ownership or not, but obviously, the same great customer service has remained since my childhood visits. 

You would think, with my love for shopping, that our house would begin to look like something out of an episode of the TV series, “Hoarders”; but it doesn’t, thanks to Kellie and her team at Kellie’s Consignments in Okemos. Kellie’s is like Disneyland for resale shopping and you will not meet a nicer bunch of ladies in retail anywhere. Good customer service must be one of the elements behind their great success, which I’m positive is a contributing factor in their recent move to a larger space on Marsh Road behind Wheat Jewelers. The store can overwhelm you at first, so be sure and ask for assistance; someone will walk you through the steps. Through consignment, I have been able to sell clothes, furniture, shoes and other assorted items. It’s been a breeze and it makes me happy that my no longer needed “treasures” are going on to find a new home.

As the much admired and very successful Stanley Marcus, of Neiman Marcus fame, often said: “Consumers are statics. Customers are people.” I believe if a business embodies this idea, they’ll make their staff and their customers happier too.


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