Sometimes it’s all About the Details

There’s lots to be grateful for this month. For one, I love watching the season change. Not only in color, texture and temperature but also as the pace and activities of my days wind down and life simply becomes more peaceful. This time of year reminds me to sit back and appreciate the small details; a cup of coffee on a chilly, fall morning, the sidewalks covered in beautiful amber and mustard colors on an evening walk and of course the aroma of baked goods filling the house. When we migrate indoors, we have more time to focus on each other and the simple details that make someone feel special. And this simple do-it-yourself cake topper will certainly leave your guest of honor feeling like a million bucks.
 What You’ll Need
  • Miniature rubber animal or creature of your choice. I chose dinosaurs for the birthday boy and I say “boy” with a grin because this young man just turned 27. I guess you’re never too old for dinosaurs.
  • Spray paint — have I mentioned just how much I love spray paint?! I’d go for a high gloss or metallic finish, it’ll really make your cake toppers pop!
  • Candles with plastic candle holders.
  • Drill with a 1/16 inch bit.
What To Do
  • Drill a hole into the back of your animal about ¼ inch deep.
  • Push the candle holders (they look like flowers) into the drilled hole. You’ll have to turn and push them in order to coax them into place.
  • Lay the animals and candles* on a flat surface and spray paint. Let dry and then turn over. You may have to do a couple of passes to get the toppers fully covered.
  • Decorate the cake!
* Since I wasn’t able to find matching candles for the toppers and I wanted them to be the same color, I spray painted the candles as well.      

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