Sun, Fun and Entertainment – A Look Back


This could be the last summer I have both my kids living under the same roof with me. Not only are they getting older, but my son is thinking about going to school out of state next fall. It’s got me feeling sentimental about the summer vacations and getaways we used to take. 

It’s amazing how fast they grew and changed, and all of a sudden sand pails and seashells just didn’t cut it anymore. Maybe I’m wrong and my kids like them just fine, but I suspect their interests are different now. And strange how we moved through time in opposite directions. When they were captivated by caterpillars on the sidewalk, I could easily have ridden any roller coaster put in front of me, gotten right off when it was over and hopped back in line to ride again. Now, not so much; not so much at all.

The last time my kids and I went to Michigan’s Adventure was the time I learned that I had changed, and amusement park rides now terrified me or made me sick as a dog. My children, on the other hand, were eager for more. It was on that trip that I heard myself say for the very first time, “You guys go on ahead. I’m going to rest here for a while.ˮ

Later, when we were waiting for our turn on the water slide, which also scared me to death, a park employee asked what my favorite ride in the park was. I shocked myself by truthfully replying that it was the Lazy River. Back in the day, it would have been something much more daring, but now, the Lazy River was daring enough. 

Thank goodness there are other ways to entertain kids in the summer no matter their ages. I don’t think anyone outgrows a good water balloon fight, s’mores, hotdogs or bonfires. The nice thing is that summer lends itself to pretty much any budget, and a trip to a dollar store for Hula-Hoops and bubble wands can pave the way for awesome memories up the road.

I still remember the fireflies that blinked on and off before my dazzled eyes when my parents took us kids camping one summer long ago. So, if you’re like me, and the rambunctiousness of summer seems a little harder to warm up to, remember: There’s always a Lazy River to step into – even if it’s in your own tub


Teece Aronin

Teece Aronin is a blogger and columnist. Teece writes a humor/health and wellness column for the Oakland Press and is the Featured Writer for October at Her artwork is available at the store, phylliswalter, and Teece seriously considers any request for workshops, coaching, and speaking engagements. Read her blog at, contact her at and follow her on Twitter @taronin

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