Team Building: The Crucial Glue


Late spring and summer seem to be good times to schedule team-building sessions. Could your team use a tune-up? Maybe a fun activity to strengthen the glue that holds everyone together?  Or maybe learn some new skills?

Here are a few ideas:

Volunteer Together

With almost half of our workforce these days comprised of millennials, consider tackling a volunteer activity together. Millennials tend to be mission-driven, so a chance to do good in the community resonates with them. Work on a Habitat house, prepare a meal at a soup kitchen, beautify the grounds at the zoo, or play with dogs and cats at a shelter. See what most excites your team and plan a rewarding volunteer activity that you can all do together.


Isn’t it amazing how much everyone at the office loves food? For team-building, you could have a lunch where everyone brings in a favorite homemade dish or have a chili cook-off. 


The artifact exercise is a great way to kick-off a team-building session. You ask everyone to bring an object that is special to them and share a story around it. The leader should go first. It gives her an opportunity to show openness, transparency and vulnerability. It’s a great way to learn about what is important to others on the team. If you have a large team, you may need to break into smaller groups of five or seven people.

Deep Dive into Values

This exercise can be done with values already established. This can be done in short bursts, taking one value at a time or consider tackling them all at an off-site meeting. For example, if “inclusive” is a value, ask everyone, “What does that mean? How does that translate into action?” It’s a good way to get everyone’s perspective and to see how to make your company or team values come alive.

Take time this spring and summer to get the team together. Have some fun. Have good conversation. Connect. And enjoy the warm weather.


Susan Combs

Susan Combs, MBA and Professional Certified Coach, works with coaching clients to create fresh starts, enhance their leadership skills and increase their confidence. She is an authorized licensee of the Fit Leader's Program. Susan provides one-on-one coaching, DiSC team-building training and manages corporate mentor programs. She lives in Lansing with her son, Max, and their golden retriever puppy. Visit or for more information.

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