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Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things, By Jenny Lawson

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If you’re looking for a funny read about a woman who struggles to get through the day (much like the rest of us do, except the rest of us probably don’t travel with stuffed raccoons), this is the book for you. Jenny Lawson brings hilarity, anxiety and taxidermy animals to the forefront of her new book, Furiously Happy.

Furiously Happy is a compilation of hilarious anecdotes about Lawson’s lifelong battle with severe anxiety and depression. From recounting a wild trip to Australia to boxing with kangaroos to her very real fear of public speaking, Lawson tells it like it is in her hilarious memoir.

Instead of letting her struggles get to her, Lawson has decided to live her life just one-way: furiously happy. With the help of her ever-patient husband victor as well as friends and family, Lawson tells personal stories of hope, hilarious adventures and ultimately, acceptance. While making you laugh until your stomach hurts, Lawson also reminds us that mental illness is a real issue with sometimes out-of-the-box coping mechanisms.

While this book is funny and will make you spit out your coffee, wine or whatever you happen to be drinking at the time, this isn’t a book for all ages. Lawson is blunt about her struggles (generally throwing in the occasional “colorful” anecdote) and pointedly references the idea that if you are a person who’s easily offended, you should probably pick a different book.

Lawson first came to the attention of readers everywhere when she started blogging about her lifelong struggles with mental illness back in 2007. After gaining fame with thousands of readers, Lawson published her first book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in 2012.

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