The Goal Catcher


On a daily basis, I typically think of maybe 20 things I would love to be doing. And our “would love to be doings” don’t always turn into our “must dos.” When I am able to accomplish one of these fleeting thoughts, it is almost always because it made it to one of my lists. Turning my thoughts into a visualization helps me follow it through. This wall art/idea board/goal catcher can put our ideas in front of us every day and remind us to do what we love. Supplies
  • 3 various sized wooden embroidery circles (mine were a Goodwill find!)
  • Embroidery thread, colors to your liking
  • Beads, feathers, flowers, pictures
  • Paper and pen
  • Hangers (I used safety pins, binder clips and paper clips)
  • Needle
  • Drill and 1/6” bit
  1. Drill holes through side of embroidery circle.
  2. Use needle to pull embroidery thread across circle in various directions. String beads on thread between one side of the circle and the other.
  3. Hang circles on wall.
  4. Create notes to hang between threading. Get creative here. These written notes represent something that is important to you — so the more personal, the better. I used a sweet, old typewriter that a friend lent to me. Handwritten, stamped — whatever you like.
  5. Decorate the threading with your feathers, flowers or pictures.
Tip: Tying those knots while keeping the thread taut is tricky. When pulling the thread through the circle leave enough slack on either side.

Tags: DIY, Goal Catcher

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