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Big news! Pretty soon our family of two will become a family of three. Yes, that’s right we have a little girl coming June 1. It’s been a wonderful experience so far. Many emotional roller-coasters but all-in-all, truly wonderful. We all know what’s fun about a new baby, besides the sweet baby smell and chubby cheeks, of course; it’s the redecorating! Although the style of the room is a unique expression of myself, I also hope that as she looks around her big, new world in wonderment she is inspired. WINDOW FRAME Purpose: Turn an old window from our house into new picture frames 1. Wearing a protective mask, sand and scrape old paint 2. Fill in any holes, dings or gouges with wood filler, let dry 3. Tape off window panes with painter’s tape & paint wood a color of your choosing PAPER GARLAND 4. Cut various sized circles (I used 2 inch and 1 inch) from patterned, textured and colored papers 5. Fold in half over some twine or ribbon and glue the two half circles together NOW, WHAT TO FRAME? I chose to frame one of my favorite little kid songs — “You are My Sunshine” — and suspend paper cards in each pane. An alternative to this mounting method may be to affix with glue or tape. Consider framing photographs, prints and cards, as well. 1. Break the verses amongst the six panes (or more) of your window and print on cardstock—trim to size 2. Hole punch and add eyelets to each of the card’s four corners 3. On the backside of the window, hammer in small, flat-topped tacks at each intersection of the window panes 4. Use twine or ribbon to weave through the eyelets and secure each corner of the card to the tacks on the back of the window

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