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You’re getting married! Congratulations! Now what? It’s been a long time since I had anything to do with planning a wedding, so if you are looking for checklists of everything you need to do, you aren’t going to find that here. However, I was chatting with Tiffany Swartz from Dimondale and she explained that social media was a very important factor as she planned her upcoming St. Patrick’s Day wedding to Michael Bryan. Now, I will admit that when I asked how women were using technology to plan their weddings, I wasn’t expecting social media as the answer. So I was very interested to learn about the role that social media has had in Tiffany’s planning. You see Tiffany doesn’t subscribe to a local paper and she never mentioned using the yellow pages to find anyone — she used social media instead. As we started talking, she indicated that both LinkedIn and Twitter had played big parts in her efforts. Since she is getting married on St. Patrick’s Day, she wanted a bagpiper to play. But where do you find a bagpiper who isn’t already busy on March 17? So she posted an inquiry on LinkedIn and learned she knew someone who knew a bagpiper from her church that might be available. Another inquiry through Twitter yielded a contact and a phone number for the Lexington Hotel, which made it easy for her to call and make those arrangements as well. Although Tiffany hasn’t used Facebook to get information from friends, it has also been useful. I never see advertisements for events that might be of interest to future brides, however Tiffany sees many. The invitations she received to bridal shows and other events helped her choose those that she wanted to attend. Other research that she did online clued her in on specials that were available and meant that when she placed a call, she already knew about them and could make sure she got the best prices. Tiffany also had plans to set up a Facebook event for her wedding so she can let everyone know when it is happening, but hadn’t done that yet. When I asked if there was any other technology she was using, she mentioned her invitations. She is planning to send them out using SendOutCards. If you aren’t familiar with it, SendOutCards allows you to send cards to a list of recipients by simply creating your mailing list and creating your card. Tiffany has been working on the design using a photo of her with Michael, as well as gathering the addresses she will need. While I’m not sure that using SendOutCards follows strict wedding etiquette (at least as it existed when I got married), it will certainly save Tiffany a lot of time — and I’m all for saving time, particularly if it means the invitations get sent when they are supposed to!

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