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Wired Wish List

If you want to find out what’s high on your wired woman’s Christmas list, just ask! I got a wide variety of answers when I asked, so you …


If you want to find out what’s high on your wired woman’s Christmas list, just ask! I got a wide variety of answers when I asked, so you might not want to assume that the woman on your list wants what some other woman wants.
Several women gave me answers that probably won’t surprise you. Jess Knott would love to have an iPhone. It seems she’s in love with her iPad and that has her convinced that an iPhone would complete the picture and be much better than the Droid she has now, which she describes as only “meh.” Suban Nur Cooley had the exact opposite request!
Julie Powers is requesting earbuds that won’t hurt her ears and yet are smaller than cinnamon buns. If you know of such a product, I’m sure she would appreciate hearing from you. Another of my friends, Barb Brevick, will be happy with a new SLR digital camera.
But the request that really caught my attention came from Laura Murthum who is hoping for additional accessories for the GoPro HD Helmet Cam she just received as an early birthday present. Admittedly the accessories aren’t very exciting if you don’t have a helmet cam, but the helmet cam idea has definite possibilities if you know an active woman.
Laura is a very active young woman with a long list of what she calls sweet adventures — kayaking, trail-running, backpacking, cycling, rock climbing and swimming, to mention just a few. She’s looking forward to capturing unique perspectives of what she is doing. The cam is waterproof so capturing images while she’s kayaking or swimming won’t be a problem. She’s even hoping to attach it to her dog to get video from his perspective on hikes.
The accessories that Laura would like will let her record almost anything. With the complete set, she would be able to strap it to her head, wrist or chest or mount it to her bicycle. She’d also like to have the tripod mount because sometimes she does stop just to enjoy the view! There is also a suction cup mount that can be used on your dashboard or windshield so she can even record her car trip.
Laura’s so excited about what she will be able to record with her helmet cam that I’m wondering if I could use one too, even though I am not nearly as active as Laura.
As for me, I’ll be buying a GPS for my husband. He seems to get lost a lot, and you know how men are — they won’t ever stop and ask for directions! Once I teach him to use it, I can stop worrying about him, so it’s also a present for me.


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