With a Capital EM: A Golden Home

Flowers and chevron and paisley and quatrefoil oh my! (Don’t feel bad if you have to look up what quatrefoil is, I did too, despite the fact that I have two quatrefoil rugs). I like pattern. I like color. And in turn, so does my house. Given that I have cream couches and builder beige walls I feel I have the right to throw in color and pattern and texture where I see fit. This was working just perfectly for me until my friends started to have this reaction. “There is something so familiar about this living room.” “Wow, this is very … floral.” And then it was finally said. “This living room looks like it belongs to the Golden Girls.” A quick image search confirmed that despite living in a land-locked neighborhood in Michigan — not Florida — my décor has gotten a bit … beach-y. So sue me. The beach is my favorite place on Earth so it only makes sense I’d bring that vibe into my house. Do I have a jar of shells I collected on the beach in my bathroom? Why, yes I do. Also, who doesn’t love the Golden Girls? For years my best friend and college roommate Laura and I have fantasized about being roomies again, only this time, down South in a wonderful bachelorette-style retirement haven (sorry, Matt.) Like everything in life, there is a lot of pressure (at least in my circle of friends) to have a beautiful home, perfectly decorated in the latest trends, with high-end finishes. But there is a limit to what someone my age can realistically achieve. Let’s put it this way. I have more than one piece of Ikea furniture in my home. That said, my current house is the most adult dwelling I’ve had so far and certainly includes the best décor I’ve had to date. There was a time when hand-me-down couches were the norm and placemats doubled as wall art (I’m not kidding — I’m going to go ahead and blame that one on the fact that Pinterest had yet to be invented.) Has the mixing of patterns and beach theme gone too far? I don’t think so. Your home has to reflect who you are. It has to be comfortable. It has to make you comfortable. Even if you can’t pronounce the name of your favorite pattern, it’s still your favorite and you should use it how you please, no matter what your friends say.

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Emily Caswell

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