With a Capital EM: Break all the Rules this Thanksgiving (or the day Before)

T’was the night before Thanksgiving and all was, how do I say this nicely, insane. We were young, we were celebrating the biggest bar night of the year and things were heating up. My group of friends, although well-served ourselves, watched as people around us made fools of themselves. Inspired by the scene, the following year I wrote a column for the alternative newspaper I wrote for, all about what not to do the night before Thanksgiving. The column was a hit. Before my friends and I hit the bar that year, we read the column laughing and thinking just how wise we were. And then, we entered the bar and pretty much every single rule on my list went out the window. Was it the proudest set of moments of my life? “No.” But something magical happened that night. Turns out that earlier in the day a little birdy (my sister) happened to mention to my future husband’s mom where I intended to celebrate that night. Knowing that he had been trying to find a way to “run” into me, Matt’s mom passed along the information, and about mid-way through the night I was approached by an even-more-good-looking-than-I-remembered-from-high-school Matt. We spoke briefly. He got my phone number and we parted ways. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving he called. We set a date and the rest is history. If the experience of that fateful night taught me anything it was this — a few rules — even the ones you write yourself — are meant to be broken. While it seems like that night was a lifetime ago and my pre-Thanksgiving activities have calmed down a bit, I can’t help but think that what happened all those years ago was a good example of how to act around the holidays. Skip carbs most of the time? Load up on those homemade mashed potatoes! Tired of the same old gift-giving traditions? Don’t be afraid to suggest a new way of doing things this year! Spot the guy you had a crush on in high school at the bar? Ask him for his number! While no one would have to invite me to eat, drink and be merry — as those are three things I come by naturally, it’s my hope that you are able to do just that and enjoy this holiday worry-free, stress-free and, most importantly, rules-free.

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Emily Caswell

Emily Caswell is the Managing Editor of CAWLM. She has a passion for fun, family, friends, shopping sprees, cold drinks and Lansing.

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