With a Capital EM: Renovation Revelation

I strongly dislike the smell of Bengay. And it happened to be that smell that pushed me near the brink of insanity last month as my hubby and I underwent a home improvement project. When we moved into our newly-built home two years ago, I know that a major selling point to Matt was the fact that the home was new. No stranger to home improvements, he often commented how great it would be to have a new home, and in turn, no looming home improvement projects. I wanted the house. The location was killer, and so, I kept somewhat quiet on the fact that I totally hated the kitchen floor. In February, with our good friends standing by as witnesses, I just said it. “Yeah, this summer we’re putting in new floors.” Matt, likely thinking this was something he had previously agreed to, nodded right along. And come April we were floor shopping. Opting to put hardwood throughout our entire first floor seemed to make sense. Why just re-do the kitchen? In an effort to be budget-conscious we hired someone to install the floors, but agreed that Matt could remove the old flooring himself as I cheered him on (from the pool). Fast-forward a few weeks. The install guys were set to arrive in two days and poor Matt, although he had tried his best, was pretty far behind in the floor removal process. In a state of shock and awe at the amount of upheaval my life was in (seriously, new floors basically means moving, cleaning, more cleaning and moving again) I was no help. Thank the Lord for our good friends Manny, Mark and Randy who graciously showed up for two nights to finish the removal and, perhaps even more importantly, the moving back in process as Matt destroyed his back on day three. Hence the Bengay. If you know me well, you know that I’m a little …. particular. Messy upheaval is not where I shine. In fact, it’s kind of where I hide in a closet and cry on the phone to my mother. Thankfully, the project wrapped up rather quickly and in the end, I realized that taking everything apart, messing it up and putting it back together can be cathartic. Plus, hardwood floors are really pretty. The truth is, sometimes life can be a bit too comfortable. Every once and a while it doesn’t hurt to stop and smell the Bengay.

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Emily Caswell

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