With a Capital EM: Roses are Red … And Sometimes They Have Magic Powers

It’s funny how two dozen long-stem red roses can change your perspective on something. Having spent my teen years and early twenties single, I was never a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Five years ago, however, that changed when I started dating my now husband. I was working (no doubt feverishly) at my newspaper gig when two dozen long-stem red roses arrived on my desk. Since we’d been dating all of five minutes, I found it hard to believe that they were from him. But as the card — which he signed ‘love’— clearly explained, the flowers were, indeed, from him. In our dating life up to that point I had planned every single outing (shocking, I know). But that day he asked to take the reins. Given the fact that he didn’t live in Lansing and hadn’t planned anything up until that point, I didn’t have high hopes. But I gave the guy a chance. The roses were just the beginning. He picked me up and told me we were having Italian. Visions of a certain chain restaurant danced in my head, and I began to resign myself to the fact that I’d be eating dinner with every high school couple in the Capital Area. But to my delight and surprise we drove right to Emil’s in downtown Lansing. The meal was amazing — and as you might have guessed so was the company. Following the meal he ushered us across the street to enjoy some live music and cocktails at the Green Door. That was followed by a tiny box wrapped in gold paper when we arrived back to my place — in it was an adorable white-gold heart necklace (he is a smart, smart man). To be honest he had me at the roses, but what self-respecting girl says no to sparkle? He had outdone himself. I was hooked — not just on Valentine’s Day, but him. As you might have guessed our Valentine’s Days since have not quite lived up to the first one; in fact, the first year we were married the poor guy had a horrible flu that kept him quarantined to our room. Perfect Valentine’s Days might not happen every year, but that’s just life. Roses may do wonders but, let’s be honest, it’s really the person who signs the card that really matters.

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Emily Caswell

Emily Caswell is the Managing Editor of CAWLM. She has a passion for fun, family, friends, shopping sprees, cold drinks and Lansing.

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