With a Capital EM: The Price of Beauty

Eighty-two dollars. And that is just the tip of the iceberg on what I spent making myself look beach ready before actually heading to the beach this spring. I remember back in the day when getting spring-break ready meant throwing some lemon juice in my hair and hitting I-75 with my girlfriends in one of our parent’s cars. I knew that getting older would have its downfalls, but I truly never thought about how much money it would cost. With long hair, I could go months and months before I needed a cut and color. Thanks to the increasing number of gray hairs invading my head these days and the shorter, more sophisticated hair style I rock now, I’m becoming one of those people who has to get her hair done every six weeks (and despite getting a great deal from a stylist I love, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t take a chunk out of my budget). The $82 I spent pre-beach this spring was truly just the basics — manicure, pedicure and a spray tan. That doesn’t include the number of new outfits I bought or pairs of shoes or even the year-long gym membership I invested in to prepare for this trip. (Don’t ask me how many times I actually used said membership — that’s a whole other column). And the worst part? I’m young. My price of beauty is just beginning. I most definitely see rounds of Botox, anti-aging facials and more in my future. I suppose I want this column to serve as a warning to all those fresh-faced twenty-something’s out there. Budget early and often. You look great for free today, tomorrow it’ll cost you. Of course, one could ask “do you really have to do all of those things before leaving town?” Well, logically, no. But the one advantage of being older is that I no longer have to struggle to perfect my own nail art, or turn orange trying to get the ultimate summer glow using over-the-counter products. And to be honest, lemon juice never really makes your hair turn blonde in the sun. Instead you end up smelling like a cocktail and adding a kind of dull tint to your locks. With age comes certain perks (a full-time job with benefits), meaning, if you want to look young you can have help doing it. It’ll just cost you.

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Emily Caswell

Emily Caswell is the Managing Editor of CAWLM. She has a passion for fun, family, friends, shopping sprees, cold drinks and Lansing.

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