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I’ve just embarked on a new career path that allows me to work from home! It’s been very exciting and also very distracting. I’ll admit after one week, not much “work” was accomplished. Don’t get me wrong. These distractions are wonderful! Coffee on the porch, Netflix roaming, occasional gardening, phone visits with my mom. I mean, come on, these things have to get done, right? Of course but I also needed a better way to separate myself from my home space. What I didn’t have was a proper workspace. At least not one that was conducive to doing work [see before pic … gasp]. I truly believe having a designated, well put together space, away from my other homey distractions, allowed me to focus and enjoy doing my work. Now, get that makeover spirit out, blast some music and get to work! Desk You can do this to any solid, wood furniture* with a handy palm sander, sand paper, a protective mask, paint and a polyurethane protective coating. Sand surface paint off until wood is roughed and exposed. Paint surface—this may require multiple coats. Once paint is dry, apply the protective coating with a brush. If applicable or desired, replace hardware. * Be weary of composite or varnished woods, these surfaces may present rough textures which will not re-paint well. Pegboard Pegboard isn’t just for the garage anymore. I mounted this 5’x2’, pre-painted piece of pegboard to (2) 2”x1” wood stilts that were screwed into the above rafters. Tips
  • My workspace is in the basement so there isn’t a lot of natural light, for this reason I kept things light in color to create a brighter, more open environment. Also consider artificial plants to make a basement space feel more alive.
  • Storage is not only a great organization tool, but also a great accent. Use boxes and baskets to add color and variety to your space.

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