Gift of Gab: McCoy Entertains on the Airwaves at WITL


Chances are if you’ve been to any country music event in the Lansing area you’ve likely seen, heard or know of Stephanie McCoy, the morning show co-host of Lansing’s WITL-FM 100.7. Since 2002, McCoy and co-host “Banana” Don have helped many in the area set their tone for the day with a few laughs and plenty of witty banter.

Growing up with dreams of following in her parents’ footsteps of being a schoolteacher, McCoy was offended when they disclosed to her that she did not have the patience to be a teacher. It wasn’t until her senior year in high school when she had a conversation with a schoolmate when she was told she should do something that required her to talk for a living. After wondering what kind of job that was, her friend went home and asked his dad who did the color sports commentating for the local radio station. The father contacted the local station program director, who reached out to McCoy – and the rest is history.

“It was neat, too, because I was just a senior in high school when I was just starting it and then I went to the local college there and transferred, so I was one of the cooler people because I worked for the radio station,” McCoy said. “That’s how I chose this course.”

Working at a country radio station, McCoy has had the pleasure of meeting legendary artists like Garth Brooks and even non-country music celebrities. She loves country and is a fan of any genre of music that tells a story. She is not afraid to voice her love for the soft-rock duo Air Supply, who she is sure to go see perform when they are in the area.

McCoy has been a part of the WITL family since first coming to the station in November 1997 from Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she hosted a daytime show.

“I used to enjoy sleeping in,” McCoy explained. “Twenty-one years later, my alarm still goes off bright and early in the morning, and I still push snooze, every morning.”

When talking about one of her favorite things the station does for the community, McCoy explained that every year the station participates in the Toys for Tots drive where WITL opens its doors to listeners and anyone who wants to participate.

“Throughout the years, there’s a lot of celebrities I have met, but I’ve been here for so long that for me it’s meeting families where literally you’re reading and announcing their birthdays when they turned 1 year old, and now they’re 18 or 20,” McCoy explained. “It’s fun to meet the families and grow up with the families at the same time. They come to events yearly, and we get to catch up. It’s the bond with the listeners and the kids.” 

Another memorable meet-up McCoy will always be grateful for is encountering the love of her life, husband Chris Tyler. They both started at the station around the same time. After deciding that they were both pretty cool, they started a relationship. Now they are both proud parents of their collegiate son, who attends McCoy’s alma mater at Western Michigan University.

When it comes to family time at the McCoys, the couple loves to travel and visit different stadiums, seeing a movie in theaters and, of course, cheering on their favorite sports teams like the Detroit Tigers. Another favorite is watching cooking and baking shows. Her most recent discovery, “Nailed It!” on Netflix, has quickly become a favorite along with “Worst Cooks in America” and the “Kids Baking Championship.”

The local foodie loves steak, sushi, Italian and a nice cold beer or cocktail. So, it’s no surprise she loves visiting local restaurants. A few of McCoy’s favorites include the English Inn, Sansu Sushi, Texas Roadhouse and
Tomato Brothers.

When asked to describe herself as a food, McCoy replied, “Pizza (Hawaiian), because you know what you’re getting as a standard and somedays you can add a little extra – but never any onions!”

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