The Power Of Words: Priscilla Bordayo


Throughout the day, we speak somewhere around 15,000 words. Have you ever thought about how much power those words hold?

Priscilla Bordayo does. In fact, she relies on her words to help her voice reach those in need. Whether it’s in the courtroom advocating for victims of sexual abuse, leading worship at her local church, or at a motivational speaking engagement, to say she is a voice to be reckoned with is an understatement.

“Scripture says there is power in our tongue; you’re either speaking life or speaking death. Because of my own experience with gossip, slander and lies, I started studying the power of words. I believe modern-day weapons are not just guns; words can be bullets too. One negative word can completely destroy a person’s character, reputation, and potentially their lives.

One of the biggest issues facing teenagers today are bullying and cyberbullying,” Bordayo said. “One touch of a button can and has led some individuals to take their own lives.” 

This year, she started a nonprofit in Lansing called Word Up, an organization that focuses on the power of words. With a motto of, “If you want to change the world, change your words,” Bordayo’s goal for the organization is to target schools, bullying, and insecurities in hopes of drawing attention toward the effect our words have on others.

Another organization that was sparked by Bordayo’s faith is the group Remarkable, an
all-girl gathering in Lansing that meets every Tuesday where girls can get to know themselves and thrive on building each other up to reach their full potential.

“It stems from the thought of re: everyone gets a redo; mark: everyone is marked with destiny and able – we are all able to accomplish the mark,” Bordayo explained.

In addition, she works as casting director for “We Rise,” a show that focuses explicitly on women empowering women. And, in 2019, Bordayo plans to publish a book, “The Secret Life,” that will help her story reach more than just the mid-Michigan area. Proceeds from the publication will go to The House of Promise and Forgiven Felons.

Those who know Bordayo know her faith is everything. She credits her faith for being a light when she was in the darkest of places. She is a worship leader at Rivers of Life Church, where she is able to fuel her true passion of helping others change their lives for the better. “Worship is a lifestyle; it’s how I live my life,”

Bordayo draws on her personal experiences and travels all around to perform public speaking engagements on topics of forgiveness, self-worth, identity, shame, guilt and her story. Bordayo is a mentor and an advocate for women who are sexually abused. Her advocacy takes on many forms.

Bordayo did her part in the nationally known Larry Nassar case, where she was able to be there for the women who needed her support and prayers.

“The most powerful thing is your story,” Bordayo said. “It’s like a thumbprint. No one has your exact thumbprint as you.”

Bordayo loves to spend quality time with her family. She loves to go shopping, bike riding, going to the movies, interior decorating and of course a good cup of coffee! She takes time every day to follow a 365 way of thinking, where Bordayo tries to meet a new person every day throughout the year. She tries to be a light to shine on other people.


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