10 Pieces You Need in Your Closet This Summer


We know you’re looking to stay on top of the newest clothing trends this year and so are we. That’s why we’ve already feasted our eyes on the latest looks dominating the fashion headlines this summer and we are eagerly waiting to try these out!

The Oversized, Lightweight dress

Oversized, relaxed looks are particularly popular right now. From oversized/baggy t-shirts to dresses, they’re the new thing that’s dominating the fashion world. Add wedges, earrings, and layered necklaces for that perfect night-out outfit, or dress it down with some slides and a hair scarf for a poolside-ready look.


The Floral Dress

Floral used to be a thing of the past, but now it’s one of the most popular patterns you’ll see in stores. Whether it’s a maxi dress, skirt, or short skater dress, the floral pattern is the way to go!



Ruffles are BACK! Thankfully, they’ve toned down a bit since ruffled socks were a thing, but are back to taking over your wardrobe. A simple dress with ruffled sleeves, a blouse with a ruffled hem, anything ruffles are added too will take your outfit from bland to bold.


Statement Earrings

Statement earrings were one of the favorite trends from 2017, so it’s exciting that they’re making a comeback in 2018. From funky colors to chunky metal, statement earrings are great for every outfit and every occasion.


Sheer Socks

Sheer socks might be one of the more pointless trends of 2018, but they are just too cute not to try. Pair with ballet flats or a cute ankle bootie to give your outfit just a little bit of personality.


Wide leg trousers

Even though this summer has been a particularly warm one so far, these wide leg trousers are a great summer night outfit to add to your closet. These cool and comfortable bottoms come in many different shapes, styles and patterns and are definitely here to stay in 2018.


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