12th Annual October Antique Harvest Festival


Come spend some time on the farm and find some exceptional antiques

The 12thannual October Antique Harvest Festival will be taking place on the Oct. 12 and 13 in DeWitt.

Located on the Centennial Farmstead, 4401 W. Howe Road, the barn has two floors filled with antiques along with a repurposed granary for dealers to set up.

 “The old hen house has been all whitewashed inside and is another building that the dealers can display in. Other dealers come in early and will set up on the lawn,” explained Jill Albert. “We also offer refreshments, seasonal handmade Michigan soap and highly detailed custom greeting cards. Of course, the main attraction being the timeless, vintage antiques.”

The barn has been renovated and was awarded in 2013 “Barn of the Year” for commercial adaption. The home was also featured in the magazine “Vintage and Victorian”in 2012.

“I love antiques for many reasons,” Albert said. “For me the quality, unique craftsmanship, value and beauty of antiques just blows away most new furniture. In my opinion, newly made furniture will not stand the test of time like vintage furniture will. Purchasing quality vintage pieces is also better for our Earth. I think vintage goods are better for the environment and not being exposed to the chemicals used in new manufacturing.”

If you’re looking for the perfect vintage look for your living room, come to the 12th annual October Antique Harvest Festival. The antiquing runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

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