30 things to do this Fall


Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end soon and fall is fast approaching. Autumn just so happens however to be one of my favorite seasons, and Michigan is a beautiful place to live during the colder months. I have always liked it, even when I was a kid; the smells, the clothes — nothing better than feeling snuggly and warm — and it just seems like there’s excitement in the air most times. Here is my list of the 30 things you can do this fall to make the most of it! 

  1. Go for a bike ride
  2. Jump in the leaves like a kid again
  3. Make caramel apples
  4. Cut back plants in your yard. landscaping and gardening
  5. Read an enjoyable book
  6. Take in a MSU Football game (and hopefully witness a Spartan victory)
  7. Enjoy some hot apple cider (Biggby’s Caramel Marvel is one of my favorites)
  8. Pick apples
  9. Make your first batch of chili of the season (This isn’t really my kind of thing, but my husband and kids like it, so it’s a must)
  10. Make apple crisp
  11. Get out all your cozy socks, blankets, sweaters and other clothes
  12. Enjoy what might be your last bonfire for the season
  13. Go to the drive-in or do it yourself at home
  14. Eat some yummy caramel corn
  15. Go on a hayride
  16. Take a trip to the zoo
  17. Get your Halloween costume ready
  18. Go on a picnic
  19. Buy new fall-scented candles for your home
  20. Carve pumpkins
  21. Go tailgating
  22. Clean out the garage and rake up the leaves
  23. Enjoy a beautiful Michigan sunset
  24. Make and decorate cookies
  25. Lay out a blanket and gaze at the stars
  26. Enjoy a beautiful Michigan sunrise with a warm cup of coffee
  27. Purge your closet
  28. Decorate your house with lights and smoky décor for Halloween
  29. Go kayaking while you still can
  30. Go on a color tour for the prettiest seasonal colors

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Jaime Hardesty

Jaime Hardesty is the Receptionist at M3 Group and a native of Michigan. When not crafting, she enjoys many of her other passions which include her two children, family, friends, antiquing, gardening, kayaking and bike riding.

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