Our hair is our crowning glory, so an unruly hair day for some women pretty much means a dreadful day all-around. You’ve googled and tried Pinterest in search of real answers to some of your most common hair questions. We put Daelynn Shafer, owner of Kenneth Brandt Salon, in the hot seat with the five most common hair questions a stylist can get.

  1. Summer is coming, and that means mega-frizz. What can we do?

“Anti-humidity products like the Aveda Smooth Infusions line really help fight frizz that is humidity specific. A Brazilian blowout is an amazing service that helps all forms of frizz and lasts for 3 to 4 months.”

  1. How often should we cut our hair?

“A haircut is really dependent on length. A short cut or precision cut like a bob needs to be cut every 4 weeks. Most shoulder length styles can go 6 weeks, and past the shoulders – keep it up every 8 weeks for ideal shape.”

  1. Okay, what’s the skinny on how often should we really should be washing our hair?

“Twice a week, three if you have an active profession. Things like co-washes and dry shampoos help absorb oil and sweat. Most hair can be rinsed instead of actually being washed. The biggest thing is be sure you’re using an appropriate shampoo for your scalp and hair.”

  1. How do we add volume to thin hair?

“Small services like a volumizing highlight will help, but the key is products and your blow dry. You can never expect volume with an air-dried style. You must blow dry. For even more volume, add Velcro rollers!”

  1. My stylist can always tell I used box color – how can she tell?

“Signs of a box color include unevenness, banding, patchy appearance and non-reflection. A lot of boxed color contains metallic salts, which can be reactive and cause damage when lifting out or depositing color. This is one of the biggest reasons we advise against boxed color. It is not one size fits all. The results are unpredictable, and money saved on it will be triple-fold when you pay for a color correction!”


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