My husband has always enjoyed cooking. But, as his father is facing a battle with a formidable cancer, Tim has taken his time in the kitchen to a new level. He prepares and delivers food for his dad weekly, with enough choices and containers to last through the next visit. The food is calorie-dense to help keep weight on. It’s also tasty enough to make the one, real meal that his dad can eat per day worth the wait.

This new kitchen trend for my husband is therapeutic in more than one way. He enjoys the process of creating in the kitchen, especially when a dish results in a resounding “yum.” It’s also a calming activity that gives him something to do for his father – knowing he is helping in some way, as the families of cancer patients can often feel helpless. Tim is also able to express love for his father through cooking, which is something Tim’s mother did for Tim and his brothers in their youth before she passed away.

During our most recent visit to see his father, Tim grabbed the old box of family recipes, including many that were left behind by his late mother in the 1980s in her handwriting. He and his father are excited about revisiting some of the recipes made back in the day; bittersweet memories are sure to return with each bite.

Another item Tim’s father has given him from his kitchen is his pressure cooker, which Tim was eager to try for the first time with this recipe.

Soon, Tim will start using the recipes he brought home. We are all looking forward to seeing and tasting what will come out of that old box. One thing is for certain: It’s filled with recipes for healing and love.

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