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Makeup Mistakes: We’re All Guilty

A habit is one of the hardest things to break. They can be made in 21 days and broken in only three, so if you have entered a realm of poor decisions with, for example, your makeup routine, it’s never to late to be saved! Just the slightest ways eyeliner is applied can have a huge impact on your face. These quick fixes will have you looking like a makeup-professional and fresh-faced as ever.

The problem: Lining the lower lid with dark eyeliner. 

Why you should kick this habit: Lining the lower lid has somehow gained the reputation that it makes the eye appear bigger. This is false, because the effect is actually opposite.

How to fix it: If you want your makeup to make your eyes appear bigger, then start applying a white liner to the inner lid and darker liners to only the top. This will give the illusion of a bigger eyeball and fuller lashes. (Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner, $19,


The problem: Poorly blended makeup.

Why you should kick this habit: Because it just does not look good, as simple as that. Makeup is supposed to look as effortless as possible, and creating a line where your jaw ends and your neck begins is, for example, unflattering on everybody. It makes the supposedly natural look automatically unnatural. Don’t give yourself away like that!

How to fix it: A beauty blender! This tiny, tear-dropped shape sponge is the answer to all of your prayers. It gives you the best makeup blending you can get and blurs away every line. It’s also easy to clean, so you can justify spending any real amount of money on a sponge. After one use, you’ll understand all the excitement surrounding the product. (beautyblender by the original beautyblender, $20,


The problem: Not washing your makeup brushes.



Why you should kick this habit: Not keeping your brushes clean can transfer germs, compromise your makeup application, irritate your skin and aggravate acne, to name a few reasons, according to ( Bottom line, it’s no good for you to use brushes in this condition.

How to fix: Wash your brushes about once every month with a cleanser that will both disinfect and condition bristles back to new. It will help your brushes last longer and help your makeup go on a lot smoother. (MAC brush cleanser, $15,

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