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Blaze Pizza had its grand opening in Frandor Shopping Center on Monday June 20th. They kicked off their opening the on the 21st with a special deal – free pizzas for any guest from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The chain, predominately a west coast staple, has been popping up all over the mid-east, including more opening in Ann Arbor and Toledo. Blaze pizza can now be found in cities along the east coast from New York to Florida.

The one-day event drew a large crowd – the line wrapped from the front door of the restaurant across the entire strip mall Blaze is encompassed in. The people didn’t seem to mind the wait – the line taking about an hour or more to get in the door.

Wanting to see what all the fuss was about, I decided to brave the crowd, standing

Photo Credit: Christine Toth

Photo Credit: Christine Toth

in line for about an hour and a half, from start to pizza. While there, my coworker and I were given a small menu as well as a rundown by an employee of how the store works.

Approaching the front counter, you decide between a specialty pizza or a custom one – allowing you to add anything you’d like to the pizza.

While they do specialize in thin crust, there is an option to request a thicker crust at an upcharge. Each pizza $10 or less and feeds about one to two people.

Each pizza is wood fired, but only for approximately three minutes before it’s ready to go. For the vegetarians, vegans and people looking

Photo Credit: Christine Toth

Photo Credit: Christine Toth

for gluten free pizza, Blaze offers excellent options for these specialty diets as well, even offering a vegan cheese option (soy-free) to top that pizza. House-made, their traditional pizza crust is made simply from filtered water, unbleached flour, extra-virgin olive oil, salt and a touch of sugar.

Aesthetically, think classy meets rustic, with wooden high top tables, exposed metal beams and  windows to let the sun in, complete with a retractable wall leading to their outdoor patio.

Despite the chaos, the staff was fast and friendly, making sure people understood how the process worked and getting them what they need. Next time pizza sounds good, make sure to stop in and give Blaze Pizza a try.

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