CAWLM’s Resident Artist gives advice to students


Lauren Brumbach is an artist, graphic designer and dreamer. She is the hand behind the design at Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine, working on both the magazine layout and client advertisements. And recently, she was a keynote speaker at MSUFCU’s Student Art Exhibit award night, where she gave students from 18 area high schools a preview of her work and advice to live by.

Brumbach began her keynote address with a Pablo Picasso quote: When we discovered Cubism, we did not have the aim of discovering Cubism. We only wanted to express what was in us.

“The biggest take away I want everyone to get from this is that when creating something, don’t worry about making something profound or earth shattering,” Brumbach said. “Just express what you cannot any other way. Make what you want, say what you need to say … and something great will happen.”

Brumbach shared with the students that she was in their shoes not so long ago, entering her own art contests and wondering where to take her dreams.

“I decided before I graduated high school that it didn’t matter what discipline – but I had to create,” Brumbach said. “I had to pursue a life embedded in creation, expression and emotion.”

While Brumbach is a full-time graphic designer, she infuses her rich history of travel and education into her work. She spends her free time painting mostly canvas and working on what she calls Capital A Art, a term she coined with her fiancé. Capital A Art is a manifestation of all things art – from ideas and creation to blood, sweat and tears.

“You are all here,” Brumbach told the students. “Art is already part of your life. Whether you want to be a painter, a sculptor, musician, poet, chemist or mathematician, you have felt what it’s like to be impacted by art. Regardless of where you find life takes you, please keep art a part of your life.”

“Art reminds us of what is important and keeps us connected. Art is a safe place to be fully human … Ask questions. Listen to what artists are telling you. Surround yourself with creative people. Strive to make Capital A art.”

See more of Brumbach’s work below and on Instagram

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