Channeling Creativity through Yoga


Local writer shares her journey

A popular writer of flash fiction, freelancer writer for the Greater Lansing Business Monthly and more, Allison Spooner’s life has been dedicated to writing.

The mind of a writer is busy. It’s always paying attention, asking questions and thinking – lots of thinking. That can take up a lot of creative space in the old noggin.

In the last few years, Spooner developed a passion for something that helps her tune into that creative space mentally and physically. Something that leaves her with a little more room to breathe. That something is yoga.

“When I started doing yoga, I didn’t do it thinking this will make me a better writer,” Spooner said. “I didn’t even go in thinking that it would make me stronger or more active or in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I went to one class because a friend was getting her certificate and was teaching.”

Somehow, Spooner found herself returning to more classes, watching yoga videos from home and enjoying the experience. The unexpected turn of events? Spooner found that yoga helped her discover a focus outside of writing.

“I think yoga entered my life when I needed a break,” Spooner said.

While she admits yoga hasn’t completely transformed her life, it helps her feel more creative.

“In the year or two that I’ve been practicing yoga, I’ve written more than I have in years.”

Spooner shares her story in “Boom, ShakaChakra: Using Yoga to Become a More Creative You.” 

“The poses in these videos and in my book are poses that stimulate your sacral chakra, or the ball of energy in your body that impacts your creativity and passion,” Spooner said.

She now wants to combine her two passions, yoga and creativity, by becoming a certified yoga instructor and helping others find their own creativity.

To be published and gain her certification, Spooner needs the support of the community through a Kickstarter campaign that offers tiers of incentives, including the book.

Perhaps a little yoga with future instructor Spooner will help spur your own creative passion.

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