Fall trends you may want to know about


Ah, fall – we love it and we hate it.

 We love it because the temperatures are more manageable. We can wear our cute boots and cozy sweaters. We can enjoy our mocha caramel lattes without working up a sweat. Our hair doesn’t frizz, and our makeup doesn’t slide down our face just from walking to our cars.

We hate it because it means the end of summer, the beach, nights out on the patio and, like the dreaded words made extra-famous by “Game of Thrones,” the onset of fall means winter is coming.

It is fun, however, to switch over to our fall closets and see how the trends change from year to year.

Even the fashions of small-town America are dictated by what has happened on the runway. The fall shows are previewing trends we can expect for fall 2018/winter 2019, and one thing is certain: We’re traveling back through a couple of decades, and we’re heading for the future at the same time.

Signs of the past include old high school classics like banana grips, zig-zag headbands and decorative bobby pins making their way to the catwalk for some-old school hair edge.

As far as clothing, the ‘80s are back and bringing neon with it. We never imagined neon in the fall, but only time will tell if it makes the trip from the runway to our favorite retailer.

Animal prints and plenty of plaid fabrics are also making their way back, as well as the return of ruching and street-style statement coats. Look for lots of layers as well, harkening back to the ’90s where the character Joey on “Friends” wore several layers as part of his wardrobe.

The futuristic vibes for fall include utilitarian tops, futuristic fingernails with metallic French tips rather than the basic white or pink, and glass hair – a blunt bob that is so smooth and shiny it looks like glass.

The good news is knee-high boots and flannel are still a trending look for fall, so for the most part, we Michigan girls are safe.





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