Five Etiquette Tips for Holiday Hosts and Guests


As you’ve probably witnessed, in the fast-paced world we now live in where social media rules and face-to-face conversations are lacking, sometimes etiquette simply goes out the window.

Whether you are hosting a holiday celebration or attending one, here are some things to consider doing to prove that when it comes to etiquette, manners still matter.

Cellphones: Whether hosting or attending, keep your cellphone on silent and out of sight.

Be present in the moment. Did you know that your iPhone has a feature that allows you to put your phone on do-not-disturb mode, but also allows you to add in names for calls that can get through? This means you can set your phone to let the babysitter reach you, but not every other person on your contact list.

Conversation starters: If you are shy or feel the need to keep the group conversation flowing, think in advance of some conversation starters. Avoid politics, sex and religion – but consider talking about positive things you are grateful for or current events that won’t stir up a a heated discussion. Recent movies, songs or books are always great to start a conversation with.

Host gift: It is considered good etiquette to provide your party hostess/host with a small gift. You can offer to bring a side dish or ask your host if they need anything. Perhaps a bottle of wine and a thank-you note if nothing is needed. Flowers are also a nice option.

Food: As the hostess or host, consider your guests dietary needs. Always have at least one or two items on hand for those with gluten intolerance, nut or dairy allergies or diabetes. The same goes for beverage options.

Alcohol: Whether it’s your party or you are the guest, set a limit for yourself on alcohol intake. We doubt you need to be reminded of the myriad of things that can go wrong when too many cocktails have found their way into your bloodstream. Decorum when drinking can still allow for fun, and remembering your evening is always a plus. Finally, have a ride-sharing app ready on your phone or give your designated driver a call when you are ready to go.

It seems as though these things shouldn’t need to be said, but a gentle reminder never hurt anyone. Good etiquette is rare these days, set an example and others will follow your lead. If not now, then perhaps the next party they host or attend.


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