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Goddess-y Planners Make Goal Setting Awesome

Over the years, I’ve read lots of theories on goal setting, but I have never been a goal setter in the traditional sense.  I do make a list to help keep me organized at work. But I haven’t, for most of my life, really set goals for things I wanted to do or accomplish.

Leonie Dawson, author of a blog I have been reading for about six years called, says that “Dreams without plans are just wishes.” She also has a great infographic that shows the stats on goal setting, and it says that 80% of us don’t have goals and that the 1% who do–and who write them down and review them—are the highest achievers.

I can attest that I’ve wished for lots of things that did not come true, and I’ve talked myself into believing that certain things would not come true for me, because they seemed too big. Then last year, I bought Leonie’s, “Create Your Shining Year” workbook and planner, and things started to change.

Finding your way Let me be clear. I have had lots of planners, and they never work for me. I write in them for about a month or two, and then they end up in my desk drawer. But Leonie’s is different—and no, I am not getting kickbacks from The system works for me because it’s creative, and colorful, and full of goal-achieving tips that help me get stuff done. For example, I always say I can’t travel, because it’s too expensive. So I set a goal to go to Florida figured out exactly how much it would cost, and then I cut out frivolous spending, and hello, Florida. So when I decided I really wanted to read more, see more movies, buy a new rug, meditate, do yoga, etc. I found ways to do all of these things (which normally I would not have), because of Leonie’s books.

Design your dream Here are some highlights for the curious. Leonie asks probing questions to help you figure out exactly what you want to happen in the year. She covers the areas of family, relationships, home, business and creativity all in a colorful, creative way that makes filling them out more like a creative project or an artistic journey than planning—there are coloring pages, and doodling pages and they come with stickers! Once you fill out the workbook, the planner and the wall calendar help you create a design for achieving what you want.

The planner also helps you set intentions for the month, figure out your focus, list what your top priorities are—then it connects back to the workbook, so you get into a real goal groove. At the end of the month, there are spaces for you to write a little about what you got done, what you didn’t, what worked and what “sucked the big one.”

To top it all off, if you purchase the books, you also get to be part of the private Facebook group that is comprised of a lot of really great women who help you out when you get stuck or fall behind, who cheer you on when you hit a goal you are proud of and stop you when judge yourself for missteps or a fail.

Don’t dream it, do it I’m telling you, I love these books and the smart, goddess-y community that has grown out of them. They make me happy and make goal setting fun and achievable. So if you want to set goals, be creative and have fun, I highly recommend you give them a try. It’s not too late to make your 2017 a dream come true!

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Dawn Gorman

Dawn Gorman is a writer, connector and creative who lives in Old Town, Lansing. She is the communications and events manager at the Arts Council of Greater Lansing and loves attending festivals and arts events. She jumps at any opportunity to talk about creative ideas.

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