We all feel it. Whether it’s finances, relationships, the current COVID-19 health crisis or all of the above, stress is harmful.

The last week has been emotional. The news seems like too much to handle, but we can’t seem to ignore it. Are we sick? Is someone we love going to be sick? Will we lose our jobs? How will we pay our bills? At this point, the only thing we can control in this moment is our willingness to follow the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our governor, as well as lending our support to local businesses through online purchases.

And we can control our response to the stress.

It’s time to quit the cycle of binge eating and being glued to our sofas. We must eat healthy, get some form of exercise and watch our stress levels.

Meditation for beginners

Meditation takes practice – but if you begin today, your efforts will pay off. Start with a five-minute session and build your time up with each session.

  • Put your phone on silent to eliminate distractions.
  • Head to a quiet room.
  • Find a comfortable position and sit with your back straight.
  • Close your eyes gently and let all facial muscles relax.
  • Put all thoughts aside and concentrate on breathing in a natural rhythm.
  • Just inhale and exhale naturally, and let your body relax.
  • Take notice of how your body feels as your muscles respond and your diaphragm shifts.
  • Pull back from distractions and concentrate on the moment at hand, checking your posture.
  • Continue to focus on your breathing, recognizing each breath in and each breath out.
    Your other thoughts and distractions can be dealt with later.
    For now, you are in rhythm with your heart.
  • Your breathing is slow, steady and peaceful.
  • In this moment, you are calm.

End your meditation by stretching and acknowledging your thoughts. Was your first try perfect? Probably not, and that’s OK. Practice each day and you’ll soon see it gets easier.


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