Kroger Sponsors Lansing Homeless Children to Become Photojournalists


The Kroger Company recently teamed up award-winning photojournalist Linda Solomon to host her nationally acclaimed program, Pictures of Hope, at Foster Community Center. On Saturday, Oct. 7, Linda Solomon provided photography lessons to children ages 7-12 at Haven House, who were asked to write their hopes and dreams. The children were then surprised with their own digital cameras and sent off on photo assignments.

“Through photography, children share their heartfelt feelings,” said Solomon. “Kroger has made it possible for 100 percent of the proceeds of the Lansing children’s Pictures of Hope holiday cards to benefit the many children receiving help from Haven House.”

Haven House provides emergency housing and support services for one- and two-parent families with children. Their cause helps homeless and displaced families prepare for permanent housing.

The children at Haven House will see their cards for the first time at the Meet the Young Artist Celebration on Nov. 18. 

“Their photo assignment, to photograph their hopes and dreams, is life-changing,” said Solomon. 

Pictures of Hope has been featured on the NBC Nightly News’ Making a Difference program, ABC World News, CBS Evening News, Fox News channel and The Today Show, as well as in People magazine. Solomon has received numerous awards for her work with Pictures of Hope, and in 2011 she was inducted into the prestigious Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame.


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