You’ve heard the phrase “the grass is always greener,” and you may take your hometown for granted. According to, our fair city takes the crown on their 2018 list of “Best Affordable Places to Live.”

This year, the website compared locations across the country, examining the cost of living and average prices for housing, transportation, food and utilities to come up with a top ten that includes Knoxville, Tennessee, Roanoke, Virginia and La Crosse, Wisconsin.

The annual list is comprised of cities that also provide residents with a higher quality of life because of robust entertainment options, strong job markets, lower unemployment rates and lower-than-average housing prices.

As it turns out, Livability quotes Lansing rent averaging at $734 — well below the national average. We may not have guessed ourselves, but according to Livability, area residents spend nearly 40 percent less on key necessities than the average American.

“Lansing is perfect example of a city that’s not just an affordable place to live — it’s a great place to live,” according to We tend to agree.

The website touts Lansing as appealing due to its colleges and universities such as Michigan State University and Lansing Community College, culture and diversity, farmers markets, The Wharton Center for Performing Arts, Potter Park Zoo and more. This, plus several festivals, historic homes like the Turner-Dodge Mansion, the Lansing River Trail, golf courses and our own minor league baseball team have earned Michigan’s capital city additional attention.

The region should take pride in this recognition, as it remains hard at work to continue growing and adding new businesses. Our rank is a start, but it’s not our peak. We must keep working on our culture, diversity and plans for continued walkability, urban planning and sustainability. In the meantime, let’s wear the crown with our heads held high. After all, our grass is a pretty nice shade of green.


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