Michigan’s ‘Dark Skies’ Campaign Ads Shown on Midwest Theater


Six state parks are designated ‘Dark Sky Preserves

Michigan is a great tourist destination for people seeking daytime entertainment, and now a new Pure Michigan campaign is urging tourists to discover the state’s nighttime beauty.

Michigan skies are home to some of the greatest star shows in the nation, and a new “Dark Sky” commercial shown on national cable channels and theater screens across the Midwest urges people to visit the state after the sun sets.

The ad touts the celestial light shows – bright stars, constellations and the Northern Lights – in any of the six state parks that are designated as Dark Sky Preserves. The commercial is designed to appeal to young stargazers and families.

“Our state offers Michiganders and travelers from across the country a stargazing experience that is unmatched,” said Dave Lorenz, vice president of Travel Michigan, a division of the Michigan Economic Development Corp. and the state’s official agency for promotion of tourism. “Michigan, and the Upper Peninsula in particular, offer optimal night sky viewing conditions and the best opportunity for sky tourists to view the Milky Way, the aurora borealis and more in their purest form.”

“Dark Sky” is being seen before the start of PG and PG-13 movies playing in 261 cinemas across 2,021 screens in Michigan as well as Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is also showing on 12 cable channels nationally.

Dark Sky Preserves are protected against outdoor lighting fixtures and limit the use of lights by park-goers, ensuring little to no interference for the viewing of celestial happenings for years to come. In addition, Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw City is the only internationally designated preserve in the state and provides an exceptional environment for viewing night sky wonders, Lorenz said.

The other designated dark sky locations are Wilderness State Park in Carp Lake; Thompson’s Harbor State Park and Rockport Recreation Area, both in Rogers City; Negwegon State Park in Harrisville; Port Crescent State Park in Port Austin; and the Lake Hudson Recreation Area in Clayton.

Pure Michigan is also partnering with The Weather Channel to promote coverage of live meteorological events including the Aquarids Meteor Shower and the Full Strawberry Moon. In addition, the campaign will be delivered to users via Spotify overlay advertisements, and people traveling Michigan highways can soon expect to see digital billboards showcasing the Dark Sky messaging.

For more information on the Dark Sky campaign, to find dark sky locations and to learn inside secrets for optimal stargazing, visit here.




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