MSU alumni helps create garment that helps a patient’s comfort and dignity


Plymouth native and Michigan State University alumni Nathan Gray understands the anxiety some surgical patients experience. This hit especially close to home when a nurse on his partner’s staff avoided a much-needed shoulder surgery because she was horrified her boss and colleagues would see her exposed on the operating table. If you’ve ever had surgery, you know exactly where her fears came from.

Gray, CEO of Modicine PatientWear, and his colleague, Dr. Scott Trenhaile, developed a surgical undergarment that helps patients feel covered without sacrificing quality care while in surgery. Keeping patients in mind, the designs of Modicine PatientWear allow for an array of surgeries as well as nonsurgical procedures such as MRIs. The undergarments can also be used by school-age, collegiate or professional athletes dealing with injuries, rehabilitation or team medical exams.

“Surgery can be very stressful and intimidating for a patient, and the added anxiety of being vulnerable and exposed only adds to the situation,” said Gray. “That’s why we decided to put the patient first and develop a first-of-its-kind surgical undergarment. We believe that alleviating this concern can better protect a patient’s dignity while getting needed treatment.”

The line includes a Modesty Bra and Modesty Brief. Created for female shoulder and upper-extremity procedures, the Modesty Bra is a comfortable bandeau that is a breathable, surgical-grade composite fabric. Men, women and children will take comfort in the Modesty Brief’s breathable surgical-grade material with an anti-migration band for added security.

“Feeling comfortable in a high-stress environment isn’t gender specific,” said Trenhaile. “Being able to make someone feel comfortable when they’re under your care is an invaluable part of the doctor-patient relationship. Modicine PatientWear allows everyone in the operating room to feel empowered knowing the patient is comfortable.”

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