National Women’s Health Week – How did you do?


Making healthy lifestyle choices isn’t always easy; so why not spend a week prioritizing it? That’s exactly what was done. The 19th annual National Women’s Health Week is a time for women to prioritize their health to improve their overall quality of life. Held throughout the week of May 13, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health hosted the National Women’s Health Week to encourage all women to practice healthy lifestyle choices. So, what did you do to dial in healthy habits during National Women’s Health Week?

Although the week has come and past, it is never too late to start concentrating on your health. There are numerous reasons as to why you should live the best life you possibly can. However, in case you need some, here are a few easy lifestyle changes that can help improve your overall health.

Physical activity is a huge factor when it comes to your health. Preventative care is also another big factor, the earlier you catch something, the more likely you are to beat the virus. According to the CDC Office of Women’s Health, preventive care can keep disease away or detect problems early, when treatment is more effective. It is important to talk to your doctor about what screenings and exams are needed.

Some of the smallest, daily actions can play a big difference in our health. Not to mention set a good example for others looking to make some changes. Prioritizing sleep is a good way to concentrate on your mental health and who doesn’t feel great after a good night’s rest? Your sleep impacts how you feel and how you perform throughout the day.

Another tip is, find a way that works best for you to deal with stress. This can be different for everyone, but eating healthy and more balanced meals, exercise, sleep, and talking to others are a few easy ways to help manage stress. 

Everything you do and eat today is playing a factor in your health for the future. Concentrate on consuming clean and healthy foods, doing physical activity, keep up with your screenings, and get a good night’s rest. These practices can vary depending on whether one needs to concentrate on, but the message is the same. Take care of your body. You only get one.

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