New Creative Workshop Space and Business, Messy and Co. Hosts First Event


unknown-1On Sunday, Sept. 11, the new creative workshop space and business, Messy and Company (Co.) held its first event, a flower crown festival, at Fenner Nature Center in Lansing. More than 30 people came out for the afternoon, where they learned to make flower crowns, enjoyed refreshments from Copper Kettle Catering, took photos and more.


Photo By: Copper Kettle Catering

“I love the relaxed, mellow and happy feeling that comes over the room once everybody gets into their creative zone,” said Lisa Dulany, Founder of Messy and Co. 

“We had [people of] all ages, and I think even a few people who weren’t sure they’d love making flower crowns, but everybody’s inner flower child came out. It was amazing to see what happens when you have a room full of beautiful flowers and tell people to go crazy! I always think of art as a metaphor for life and this was a perfect example – all of us wandered the room choosing from the same flowers, but we ended up with 32 completely different–but all beautiful—crowns.”

unknown-2The event was a huge success and a great kick off to what Lansing hopes will be a thriving creative business that gets the community involved.

“The Flower Crown Festival was beautifully done and super well organized! Lisa did a wonderful job giving us creative tips when we first started and encouraged creative freedom,” said Bee Queener, Lansing resident and owner of Bee Queener Massage Therapy.

To learn more about Messy and Co. or about future events, visit

Photos by: Stephanie Smith

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Megan Martin

Megan Martin is a Communications Specialist at M3 group and a graduate of Calvin College in Grand Rapids. She is a foodie, a lover of art and tea and everything outdoorsy.

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