Reduce Food Waste this Holiday Season


The holidays look different for people and families, but whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or a variation, food is probably a key element of your celebration. Although, people tend to focus on having enough food for the holidays, many don’t give as much thought to the extra food waste created by Americans during the holiday season.

According to AOL, people in the U.S. waste about 40% of the food they buy, and that number increases by 5 million pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

There are things each person/family can do this holiday season to help reduce food waste in the Lansing area.

Share leftovers

One way to ensure your holiday leftovers don’t go to waste is to share with your guests. Have food containers, baggies or paper plates and plastic wrap on hand to wrap up leftovers for your guests following the holiday festivities. You also can take leftovers to work to share with coworkers, to family or friends who didn’t attend your holiday events or send extras with a college student you know.

Create new meals

Eating the same meal every day gets old fast and can lead to throwing away perfectly good food. One easy way to salvage leftovers is to turn it into a new meal. Via Google search, there are thousands of recipes for unique ways to turn your leftovers into a delicious meal that tastes fresh and new.

Donate food

If you are like many other Americans, you might have overestimated the amount of food you needed for your holiday get-togethers. Instead of storing the foods you won’t eat right away, consider donating packaged or non-perishable food to help feed families, children, seniors veterans and other people in the community who could otherwise go hungry.

There are many places to donate to throughout the region, including the City Rescue Mission of Lansing, Greater Lansing Food Bank, Southside Community Kitchen and more.

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