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Rise and Shine Tutoring, LLC has been providing one-on-one, in-home or onsite tutoring in and around the Ingham, Eaton, Clinton, Shiawassee and Livingston counties since January 2008.

With the increasing expectations and the challenges students face today, private tutoring is in high demand and parents or schools often do not know where to turn to find a well-qualified tutor. With a network of qualified and dedicated tutors, Rise and Shine Tutoring, LLC will match the right tutor to a student’s specific learning needs for any academic subject area K-College, including ACT/SAT Prep Tutoring. Rise and Shine Tutoring, LLC supports the school curriculum, to reinforce each student’s understanding of content and school expectations.

Private one-on-one tutoring can be the solution, especially when there is a preliminary consultation to assess the student’s educational needs, personality and learning style before matching them with the right tutor. Taking action sooner than later and building a strong foundation is the key to helping students’ reach their full potential.

Lori Schaibly is the Founder, Owner, Educational Director and heart and soul of Rise and Shine Tutoring, LLC.  She holds a BS in Elementary Education and a MA in Special Education.  Lori is a retired teacher with 29 years of teaching experience and 16 years of private tutoring experience who went from being a teacher to a business owner in order to make her vision of providing one-on-one, private tutoring for many more students possible. She worked hard, stayed focused, made connections and networked with schools to earn the respect and reputation to turn her passion into a growing business. Positive testimonials and parent referrals have also expanded her business.

There are no long-term contracts to sign or expensive assessment fees with Rise and Shine Tutoring, LLC. Parents determine the frequency and duration of the tutoring, which is then scheduled to accommodate family schedules.

When parents, students and educators come together as a team with a common goal, improvement is seen in a student’s attitude, understanding, self-confidence and performance.

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