Some of Michigan’s Coolest Places


Lansing has recently seen some of the hottest days of the summer, and it can be hard to cool off with the sun beating down and the temperature over 90 degrees outside. Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle Magazinehas compiled a list of some of the coolest places for you to visit to beat the heat this summer.  

Cooling Centers– Look around your local neighborhood for cooling stands full of water and delicious popsicles.

Movie Theater– The local movie theater is a perfect place to spend a few hours of the day in a cool, relaxing atmosphere, and you get to watch a movie on the big screen! Win-win!

Michigan History Center– Discover and share the stories of Michigan while enjoying a nice stroll through the museum.

Michigan State Capitol– Have you ever visited the state capitol building? The National Historic Landmark and state capitol is open for guided tours.

Impression 5 Science Center– Downtown’s science center is fun way to learn with some hands-on exhibits and more than 150 plus educational play activities.

The Mall– Walking around the mall, while doing some light window shopping, is a perfect way to stay out of the heat.

R.E. Olds Transportation Museum– Rated one of the top automobile museums in the nation, R.E. Olds Transportation Museum displays vehicles from as early as 1886, plus bicycles, tractors and more. Cruise the museum for a few hours to cool off and learn some of Michigan automotive history.

MSU Museum– Chill out at the Smithsonian-affiliated museum which showcases scientific and cultural artifacts and fossils

Lansing Art Gallery– Relax and cool off while viewing some art and interacting with some hands-on workshops.

Michigan Women’s Historical Center & Hall of Fame– Beat the heat while learning about some of the achievements made by historical women that helped shaped Michigan’s history.

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