The DAISY Foundation was established in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at the age of 33 of idiopathic thrombocytopenia (ITP). Barnes’ family recognized that, during his eight-week hospitalization, the extraordinary care and compassion his nurses gave to him also extended to the family. The foundation was created in Barnes’ memory to recognize nurses for the differences they make in the lives of their patients daily.

On the DAISY Foundation website, Barnes’ family said, “We wanted to say, ‘thank you,’ to nurses everywhere by establishing a recognition program to honor the superhuman work nurses do for patients and families every day.” 

With that, Sparrow Carson Hospital has named its first DAISY Award winner of 2018. Julie Noreen, RN, has been recognized for her extraordinary care shown to a critical patient rushed to the Sparrow Carson Emergency Department, along with several others, during a tragic accident.

Noreen and another caregiver were the lead staff members. They ensured extra emergency staff was contacted to receive other critical patients. Noreen comforted her patient: a mother of seven, with several children involved in the accident.

“At this young mother’s time of need, Julie was an extraordinary person who not only helped save her life, but also gave her hope,” the letter nominating Noreen said. “There are so many extraordinary things that nurses to do physically help patients, her act of compassion and empathy is the heart and art of nursing.”

The acronym DAISY stands for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. Patients and family members wishing to nominate a nurse can find brochures containing nomination forms throughout the hospital. For more information, visit

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