Spring is the season of hope, new beginnings and, for many of us, cleaning. The arduous task isn’t easy, especially if it involves more than just the annual organization and airing out of your home.

It’s time to downsize, get rid of clutter and make some serious efforts to rid our homes of things we simply don’t need.

Getting started is the hard part, but we’ve got your back with some great tips.

  • Take it one room at a time

You’ll be less overwhelmed and more organized if you work methodically.

  • Assess your needs

Have you used a certain item, furniture or piece of clothing within the last year? Be honest. Will you use it within the next year? If not, let it go.

  • Don’t let your emotions rule

Hundreds of drawings from your child or grandchild taking up space in bins? Pick your favorites and make a scrapbook or memory box with the treasures that touch your heart the most.

  • Organize in sections

Sell. Donate. Trash. Have labeled bins on hand that let you know where each item should go.

  • Appraise

If you have high-value items that you aren’t sure what to do with, have them appraised. Your appraiser can offer advice on how best to sell those items.

  • Heirlooms

If you have items you’ve been saving for a family member that are taking up space, consider passing them along now. You’ll be filled with joy when you finally get to see the item used and appreciated once again.

Once you are on a roll, you’ll find down-sizing and cleansing not only for your home, but for your mind. It can also give you a budget boost, because as the saying goes, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” 

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