Survey Says: Offer Women More Flexibility in Leadership Roles


The New York Times reported in 2017 that “half or more of the women who earn an MBA will drop out of the full-time work force within a decade” and cited family conflicts as one of the main reasons.

It turns out, however, that there may be a link between more women being in leadership roles and offering a flexible work option. In fact, women surveyed in a study by the Center for Creative Leadership stated the top three things they want out of their work lives are flexibility, leadership opportunities and meaningful work.

Companies that encourage remote workers seem to have a higher percentage of women in leadership roles, according to research by

 The research involved the CEOs and founders of 128 mostly or completely remote companies. The study found:

  • Women are CEOs, founders or presidents of 28 percent of mostly or completely remote companies.
  • When it comes to fully remote companies, 29 percent are led by women CEOs, founders or presidents.

How do these numbers compare to more traditional brick-and-mortar companies and startups with largely in-office workforces?

  • In S&P 500 companies, 5.2 percent of CEOs are women as of 2017.
  • In Fortune 500 companies, 6.4 percent of CEOs are women, a 63-year high.
  • Only 17 percent of startups in 2017 had women founders.

Forbes Magazine agreed. Regarding tech jobs, its reports said if the business sector wants more women in tech jobs, they simply need to create a culture of flexibility and entrepreneurship.

The fact remains that remote work should be a strong consideration for anyone who needs a better work-life balance.

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