The COVID Slide


Keeping your kids involved with school and education while at home

The summer slide may have arrived a bit earlier than expected as a result of COVID-19. The global pandemic has forced schools around the country to shutter, with many implementing online courses and adjusting to provide access to educational resources digitally to finish out the remainder of the school year.

Anytime your kids are away from the routine of school life for an extended period of time there’s potential for them to become lackadaisical in their studies. Keeping your mind actively learning is important for retaining information and stacking the summer on top of on-hold and potentially unlikely to resume class schedules creates a larger time period of being out of practice.

A study conducted by the Northwest Evaluation Association in 2016 found that summer learning loss was observed in math and reading across third to eighth grade, with students losing a greater proportion of their school year gains each year as they grow older – anywhere from 20 to 50 percent.

It’s important for parents who are home with their children to be proactive in their education to mitigate the damage of the annual educational slide. 

Here are a few ways you can ensure your kid’s education continues while we await a return to normalcy:

  • Create a Daily Lesson or Activity
    • Step into the roll of teacher by taking on some lesson planning. Creating unique activities that connect kids to education and keep them entertained can be a great way to become involved in your child’s education and keep you both busy while at home.

  • Online Resources
    • There are a variety of online resources suitable for all ages to participate in and engage with. From education focused YouTube channels like Crash Course, to PBS’s extensive platform for digital materials there are many outlets accessible to you and your children.
  • Virtual Field Trips
    • While you can’t technically leave the house, you could use this as an opportunity to explore a museum or science center from the comfort of your couch. Google has a variety of digital tours available for free that allow you to see works of art, national parks, science centers and more digitally. 


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Adam Lansdell

Adam Lansdell

Adam Lansdell is an Alumni of Grand Valley State University, and currently a Communication Specialist with M3 Group of Lansing. With a passionate for all things creative it comes as no surprise that he’s also a musician, movie buff and graphic designer. Adam spends his down time biking, and spending too much of his personal income on concert tickets or vinyl records

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